Name Level
Barbarian King 21
Archer Queen 16
Name Level
Barbarian (home) 5
Archer (home) 5
Goblin (home) 4
Giant (home) 4
Wall Breaker (home) 4
Balloon (home) 4
Wizard (home) 4
Healer (home) 3
Dragon (home) 3
P.E.K.K.A (home) 3
Minion (home) 3
Hog Rider (home) 3
Valkyrie (home) 4
Golem (home) 3
Witch (home) 2
Lava Hound (home) 1
Super Barbarian (home) 1
Super Archer (home) 1
Super Wall Breaker (home) 1
Super Giant (home) 1
Raged Barbarian (builderBase) 7
Sneaky Archer (builderBase) 8
Beta Minion (builderBase) 4
Boxer Giant (builderBase) 5
Bomber (builderBase) 2
Baby Dragon (builderBase) 1
Sneaky Goblin (home) 1
Rocket Balloon (home) 1
Super Valkyrie (home) 1
Super Witch (home) 1
Ice Hound (home) 1
Super Dragon (home) 1
Super Wizard (home) 1
Super Minion (home) 1
Name Level
Lightning Spell 5
Healing Spell 5
Rage Spell 4
Jump Spell 2
Freeze Spell 1
Poison Spell 2
Earthquake Spell 1
Haste Spell 1
Highest Gold Storage level: 11
Stars in Campaign Map: 60
Current Town Hall level: 9
Total obstacles removed: 761
Discover New Troops: Unlock Dragon in the Barracks
Total Gold looted: 42784416
Total Elixir looted: 40537360
Trophy record: 1517
Current Clan Castle level: 5
Total walls destroyed: 893
Total Town Halls destroyed: 208
Total Builder's Huts destroyed: 626
Total multiplayer battles won: 255
Total defenses won: 159
Total capacity donated: 265
Total Mortars destroyed: 422
Total Dark Elixir looted: 36991
League All-Star: Join the Crystal League
Total X-Bows destroyed: 1
Total Inferno Towers destroyed: 0
Total Stars scored for clan in Clan War battles: 14
Total gold collected in Clan War bonuses: 10069624
Total Eagle Artilleries destroyed: 0
Total spell capacity donated: 0
Protect your village by connecting to a social network: Completed!
Current Builder Hall level: 4
Next Generation Model: Unlock Sneaky Archer in the Builder Barracks
Total Builder Halls destroyed: 36
Versus Trophy record: 945
Total buildings geared up: 0
Hidden Treasures: Rebuild Clock Tower
Total Clan Games points: 0
Dragon Slayer: Slay the Giant Dragon
Total Stars scored for clan in War League battles: 0
Connect your account to Supercell ID for safe keeping.: Completed!
Total Season Challenges points: 930
Total Scattershots destroyed: 0
Weaponized Town Halls destroyed: 0
Total weaponized Builder's Huts destroyed: 0
Total times Super Troops boosted: 0
Total Siege Machines donated: 0
Total Capital Gold looted: 0
Total Capital Gold contributed: 0
Event Time

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