Name Level
Barbarian King 26
Archer Queen 33
Grand Warden 42
Battle Machine 10
Royal Champion 5
Name Level
Barbarian 5
Archer 5
Goblin 5
Giant 6
Wall Breaker 5
Balloon 9
Wizard 6
Healer 4
Dragon 7
P.E.K.K.A 6
Minion 6
Hog Rider 7
Valkyrie 5
Golem 4
Witch 5
Lava Hound 5
Bowler 4
Baby Dragon 2
Miner 3
Super Barbarian 1
Super Archer 1
Super Wall Breaker 1
Super Giant 1
Raged Barbarian 12
Sneaky Archer 12
Beta Minion 12
Boxer Giant 12
Bomber 12
Cannon Cart 12
Baby Dragon 12
Night Witch 12
Wall Wrecker 3
Battle Blimp 2
Yeti 2
Sneaky Goblin 1
Ice Golem 5
Electro Dragon 4
Stone Slammer 3
Inferno Dragon 1
Super Valkyrie 1
Super Witch 1
Siege Barracks 2
Name Level
Lightning Spell 6
Healing Spell 7
Rage Spell 6
Jump Spell 2
Freeze Spell 7
Poison Spell 4
Earthquake Spell 1
Haste Spell 3
Clone Spell 2
Skeleton Spell 3
Bat Spell 5
Highest Gold Storage level: 14
Stars in Campaign Map: 126
Current Town Hall level: 13
Total obstacles removed: 1844
Release the Beasts:Unlock Dragon in the Barracks
Total Gold looted: 545580627
Total Elixir looted: 593714593
Trophy record: 3613
Current Clan Castle level: 8
Total walls destroyed: 12610
Total Town Halls destroyed: 1066
Total Builder's Huts destroyed: 4862
Total multiplayer battles won: 1317
Total defenses won: 812
Total capacity donated: 82012
Total Mortars destroyed: 4112
Total Dark Elixir looted: 4297541
League All-Star:Become a Champion!
Total X-Bows destroyed: 2660
Total Inferno Towers destroyed: 1515
Total Stars scored for clan in Clan War battles: 1107
Total gold collected in Clan War bonuses: 499586823
Total Eagle Artilleries destroyed: 489
Total spell capacity donated: 1872
Current Builder Hall level: 6
Next Generation Model:Unlock Cannon Cart in the Builder Barracks
Total Builder Halls destroyed: 664
Versus Trophy record: 2609
Total buildings geared up: 2
Hidden Treasures:Rebuild Battle Machine
Total Clan Games points: 38805
Dragon Slayer:Slay the Giant Dragon
Total Stars scored for clan in War League battles: 188
Total Season Challenges points: 30380
Total Scattershots destroyed: 56
Event Time
Promoted to Elder 15h 21m ago
Joined to Rebels 15h 51m ago
Left from ♣i'll never go♣ 15h 52m ago
Joined to ♣i'll never go♣ 1d 2h ago
Left from Rebels 1d 4h ago
Joined to Rebels 1d 4h ago
Left from ♣i'll never go♣ 1d 4h ago
Demoted to Member 1d 16h ago
Joined to ♣i'll never go♣ 1d 16h ago
Left from Rebels 1d 16h ago
Promoted to Elder 2d 1h ago
Joined to Rebels 2d 5h ago
Left from Rebels 2d 5h ago
Promoted to Elder 4d 5h ago
Demoted to Member 4d 5h ago
Joined to Rebels 4d 6h ago
Left from War Angels iii 4d 6h ago

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